Monday, 26 March 2012

The Worst Pop Band Ever: "Sometimes Things Go Wrong (and other songs we shouldn't play) live at The Cellar"

This year, The Worst Pop Band Ever (abbreviated WPBE) released their third record, "Sometimes Things Go Wrong (and other songs we shouldn't play) live at The Cellar", featuring both covers and originals, recorded live at The Cellar in Vancouver, British Columbia. The group includes: Chris Gale on the saxophone, Drew Birston on the Bass, Tim Shia on the drums, LEO37 on the turntables, and both Dafydd Hughes and Adrean Farrugia on the keyboards. Some songs to note on the album are "High and Dry", and "If You Want Me to Stay" (both covers). In regards to the former, WPBE joined the likes of other jazz musicians, such as Brad Mehldau, by covering a song by British alternative rock band Radiohead. While the cover follows the original structure of the composition, it features both keyboard and saxophone solos that allow WPBE to make the song their own. The second song noted, "If You Want Me to Stay", is also a cover, as made famous by the popular 60's 70's and 80's group, Sly and the Family Stone. Once again, WPBE made the song their own, featuring a unique solo on the turntables by LEO37. Not only does the album feature these great covers, however some intricate compositions as well. This critically acclaimed Canadian jazz group just finished off a year long tour, and will be playing a show this weekend at The Rex in Toronto! Hope to see you all there!

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