Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Nicolas Ladouceur: "Pequod"

All we can say about this album is wow... Nicolas Ladouceur's debut EP, "Pequod", is one of the most unique albums we've listened to all year. The EP introduces Ladouceur's trio, niiic, which includes himself on the guitar, Jonathan Amador on the Bass, and Derek Gray on the drums. "Pequod" is characterized by, what we'd like to call, the acoustic sandwich...let us explain. It begins with a beautifully mellow acoustic tune called "Apartment 1209". Following this, the album progresses. The second song on the album is "Baggage". "Baggage" is the only song on the album to feature a trombone. When listening to the song, the first thing you'll notice is the exchange of counterpoint (alternating melody lines), and harmony between the electric guitar and trombone. Next comes "Serenity Row", and "Ahab". Both of these pieces highlight Ladouceur's electrifying guitar solos where the listener is able to experience his diverse influences, including the likes of Jeff Beck and Bill Frisell. The album closes with another beautifully mellow acoustic tune, however solo this time, called "Rue Main"...Thus completing the acoustic sandwich. Whether you are an avid jazz listener, rock and jam band enthusiast, or just a music lover in general, you are going to fall in love with this album just like we did...We actually guarantee this. niiic recently finished some studio work in Oakville, and will be playing an upcoming show at Zaphod's in Ottawa, Ontario. Can't wait to see whats next for Ladouceur and his trio! You can stream the album on myspace and buy the album on itunes.

Nicolas Ladouceur's Myspace


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