Friday, 23 March 2012

Jamie Ruben: "Groove*O*Ly*O*Scene"

Now this is what this site's all about...Jamie Ruben is a graduate of the prestigious Humber College Jazz Performance program. After finishing his tutelage at Humber, Ruben left Canada, expanding his musical vocabulary, and performing in the far east for 7 years. After moving back to Canada, Ruben released his debut album, and if you couldn't tell from the album title, it is groovetastic!!! The album features Jamie Ruben on the guitar, Steve Zsirai on the bass, Ryan Granville-Martin on the drums, William Sperandei on the trumpet, and Dafydd Hughes on the keyboard. Technically a fusion album, "Groove*O*Ly*O*Scene" is filled with easy listening compositions that even the non-jazz enthusiast will enjoy. Some songs to note on the album are "Pai Crowd", and "Monsieur Slidey".While "Pai Crowd"is characterized by Ruben and Hughes' mellow improvisations, "Monsieur Slidey" features a solo introduction by Ruben that makes you want to pick up the guitar immediately and attempt to learn it by ear. All in all, Ruben's debut album is absolutely fantastic, and uniquely introduces him into the Canadian jazz scene, specifically in Toronto. Thanks to Ruben's generosity, the album is available for free below!!

"Groove*O*Ly*O*Scene" Download

Jamie Ruben

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