Thursday, 22 March 2012

Brian Dickinson and Ted Quinlan: "around the bend"

We are going to start our reviews off with Brian Dickinson and Ted Quinlan's "around the bend". Released by Addo Records in the fall of 2010, once you put this album in your car, its never coming out. Featuring Dickinson on the Piano, and Quinlan on the Guitar, the album presents compositions by both musicians respectively. One of our favourite songs on the album is "Vibrolux", a composition by Quinlan, originally featured on his debut album "Streetscape" (review to come). Despite our love for the original recording, Dickinson adds a whole knew element to the piece with his piano playing. Like all the songs on the album, "Vibrolux" is well organized with Quinlan and Dickinson taking turns soloing and playing the rhythm. Another song on the album to note is "Love theme from "Sparticus"", a song originally composed by master pianist Bill Evans. Our favourite part of the song is the introduction, which begins with Dickinson on the piano. As the piano progresses, Quinlan joins in on the guitar creating a beautiful harmony that you may have to stop and rewind to listen to over and over. We believe that this album should be added to any jazz lover's "must have" list. A link to the album on itunes can be found below. Ted and Brian, you two truly know how to make beautiful music. 

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