Saturday, 24 March 2012

Sarah Troy: "A Dozen Hearts"

One of things we love todo here at The Canadian Jazz Review is go out, and see our talented Canadian jazz artists live! Last night, we had the privilege of being blown away by 17 year old Sarah Troy. Native to Calgary, Alberta, this vocalist and keyboard player took a couple days off school this week to come to Toronto and play two after hours shows with bassist Alex Rand, and guitarist Kyle Rosnick (both 17 as well), whom she met at the prestigious Berklee College of Music last summer. "A Dozen Hearts", though technically not a jazz album, is Sarah's fourth independent release. However, when you see her live, you get to experience the effects that Berklee's program had on her song writing style, adding a jazz element that isn't found in her earlier works. One of the songs to note on the album is "Arson". This song begins with a progressing introduction that sets the tone for the piece. As the song continues, Sarah's voice pushes and pulls on the music, creating a unique effect on the listener. Whether you listen to the album, or see her live, you cannot help but wonder about Sarah's future in the music industry. Sarah will be continuing her studies next year at Berklee full time. We look forward to seeing what's next for this young Canadian jazz artist!

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Sarah Performing "Snow in July" on the morning show

Sarah Troy

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