Friday, 30 March 2012

The October Trio: "New Dream"

For todays feature, we're going to introduce you to an extraordinary group of musicians, hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia. First, a bit of history. The trio includes Evan Arntzen on the saxophones, Josh Cole on the bass, and Dan Gaucher on the drums. This talented act met when its three members were studying jazz at Capilano College in 2004. Since then, their work has been astounding, including three critically acclaimed albums, and a Western Canadian Music nod for best jazz performance. There most recent release, "New Dream", continues along the band's path of exploring free jazz. One song to note on the album is "Imagine It". This compositions begins with a fast paced tempo. As the song progresses, the listener both hears and experiences each member's individual musical journey. As the piece reaches its climax, vocals join in on this already unique sound, making you want more and more. The next song to note on the album is "Do Your Thing". This tune, while exploring the theme of free jazz, also characterizes itself with middle eastern influences. Each member, once again moving along their own respective paths, come together to create one amazing sound after the other. The October Trio will be touring extensively with this album, including tours in eastern and western Canada, followed by a supporting tour in the United States. Can't wait to see whats next from this unique trio! Take a listen to the album bellow!

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