Sunday, 15 April 2012

Trio Sylvain Picard: "Airs à Faire Frire"

Since this blog's inception, we've been writing about jazz acts from all over Canada. However, we seem to have forgotten about a vital part of our scene, that is, French Canadian jazz. Over the years, the Quebecois have produced their own unique sound as well as many jazz legends, including: Alain Caron and Ranee Lee. However, it seems, unfortunately, that this unique Quebecois sound has been overlooked far too often by us English speaking Canadians. This brings us to today's post, for we here at The Canadian Jazz Review believe that jazz is jazz, no matter where it is performed. Sylvain Picard is a freelance guitarist, composer, and arranger based out of Montreal. With a strong belief in maintaining a unique French Canadian culture, Picard is perhaps most well known for his group, Pic et Ses Blancs de Mémoire (previously known as Ensemble Fleur de Lys), which performs jazz arrangements of popular Quebecois songs. However, now, Picard is storming the jazz scene with his new trio and their debut album "Airs à Faire Frire". The trio includes Picard on the guitar, Mathieu Descheneaux on the bass, and Charles Duquette on the drums and percussion. The album features a whole knew sound, however the trio's diverse influences, whom include Bill Frisell, Erik Satie, and Tom Waits, are easily identifiable. The first song we're going to discuss is "Annie et les Oiseaux". This tune is introduced by Duquette on the vibraphone. Following this, the song is all Picard, who plays both rhythm and lead on this beautiful composition. The next song we're going to note is "C'est Comme Sas". This composition has a nice latin jazz influence to it. After Picard takes the song to climax with an impressive solo, Descheneaux brings the pace back down with his turn at improvising. In addition, Sylvain Picard has produced an astounding debut record with his knew trio. Despite his diverse musical influences, this composer wonderfully maintains a strong Quebecois sound. Take a listen to the album bellow, and don't for get to like our Facebook Page! 

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