Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Guido Basso: "Changing Partners"

Today, The Canadian Jazz Review will be presenting Guido Basso and his most recent release "Changing Partners". Now for those of you who don't know who he is, Guido Basso is a legendary, Montreal born, jazz musician who has built his career by mastering both the flugelhorn and the trumpet. On "Changing Partners", Basso arranged eleven duets of jazz standards, featuring himself performing with changing partners, literally... His duet partners include pianists Robi Botos, John Sherwood, and legendary Don Thompson. As well, the album also includes guitarists Lorne Lofsky, and Rob Piltch. For most of the songs, Basso serenades the listener with his beautiful flugelhorn playing, however he does manage to pull out his pocket trumpet on the track "Down By The Riverside". Well lets start out by noting the obvious... ("Down By The Riverside"). Besides Basso's superb trumpet playing, the song also features Robi Botos on the piano, who shows off a powerful stride influenced rhythm and solo that transports you back in time to an old western saloon. The next song to note is "On a Clear Day" which features Lorne Lofsky on the guitar. On this track, Basso has no difficulty impressing the listener with his flugelhorn playing, however, he is perfectly accompanied by Lofsky, who acts like an expertise bass player while playing the rhythms, and an amazing lead man while improvising. To conclude this review, we don't think there's anything else that we can say other than buy the album...Its Guido Basso... 

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