Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Element Choir and William Parker: "At Christ Church Deer Park"

One of the many things there is to love about music is innovation. But what does it mean to be truly innovative? Well to answer that question, we're going to show you by way of an example. The Element Choir is what we'd like to call a musical experiment. Led by Christine Duncan, and funded by a Canada Council Arts Grant, the choir brings together a group of fifty vocalists coming from varied musical backgrounds. So lets get into why this choir is so innovative. We're going to start off by introducing the conductor of this great ensemble, Christine Duncan. Duncan was born into a musical family, whom she sang gospel and jazz with as a child. However, as her musical pallet grew, her taste for music became deeply routed in vocal improvisation. With her five octave range, Duncan has had a successful career as both a performer, and instructor. Now, lets get into the choir and their music. The Element Choir produces music based on both structure and improvisation, queued by their conductor. However, this music is both tonal and atonal, resulting in a masterful engagement of its audience's emotions, and curiosity. This brings us to the album. "At Christ Church Deer Park" is a collaboration of different musical connections, including The Element Choir, New York bass legend William Parker, and The Andrew Downing Trio, which includes Downing on the bass, Jim Lewis on the trumpet, and Jean Martin on the drums. Sounds like a lot of sound doesn't it? To be honest, we are a bit lost for words. The only thing else we can tell you is that if you really want to know what innovation means, give this spectacular record a listen to.

The Element Choir's Myspace

*Warning* This music isn't for all ears. Some of you may be blown away.

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