Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Christine Bougie: "Aloha Supreme"

Innovation seems to be the common theme in the Canadian jazz scene, and a frequently discussed subject on our blog for that matter. Nevertheless, the more innovative albums we get to listen to... the happier we get writing these posts... So to all you hard working Canadian jazz artists out there...keep up the amazing work! Yes, this schpeel is leading to something, or someone for that matter...Christine Bougie. Rightfully acclaimed, Bougie started playing the guitar when she was just ten years old, and since then, she has appeared on over thirty recordings varying in genre. Now, she is one of the most in demand session musicians in the country. So lets get into her second studio release "Aloha Supreme". Were going to start off with some personnel... Of course, there's Christine Bougie on the guitars and lap steel, frequent collaborator Dafydd Hughes on the wurlitzer, Paul Mathew on the bass, Kieran Adams on the drums, Andrew Downing on the cello, Julia Hambleton on the clarinet, and Bryden Baird on the trumpet. "Aloha Supreme" features a mellow and unique avant-garde-fusion style that is unlike anything you have ever heard before, or ever will hear. So lets get into the noting. The first song we're going to tell you about is "Me Her". The composition is introduced by Bougie on both the acoustic guitar and the lap steel, paving way for an absolutely gorgeous melody line. Despite the song progressing, Bougie and her ensemble manage to maintain the mellowness that, as mentioned earlier, characterizes the album. The song comes to a conclusion, again with the beautiful harmony between the acoustic guitar and the lap steel. The next song we're going to note is  "Blanche Rose", the final track on the album. The song begins with Bougie on the lap steel. Shortly after, the acoustic guitar comes in, as well as Hughes, who perfectly adds to the mix with his wurlitzer. The song features some nice changes in pace, as more members from the ensemble come in and out of the piece. Christine Bougie and "Aloha Supreme" perfectly fit the profile of this blog, and you know what? We loved writing about her! Wanna know why? Because she's innovative...which is what our great Canadian jazz scene is (thankfully) all about. We cannot wait to see what's next for this talented Canadian jazz artist. Take a listen to the album bellow! 

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